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Duncansby Head & Stacks

John o'Groats is famed as the northeastern corner of the British Mainland and the small village receives a huge number of visitors. The true northeasterly point is nearby Duncansby Head, which has two truly spectacular sea-stacks just to the south. An excellent coastal walk.
Duncansby Head is overshadowed in name but not in stature by its westerly neighbour, John o' Groats. It sits atop high cliffs that rise to the east of John O' Groats and is home to a lighthouse built in 1924 and automated in 1997. Duncansby Head's real delights lie to the south not to the north, and require a short walk over the highest part of the surrounding landscape, behind the lighthouse. A little further across the clifftop fields, and you come to the day's highlight, the stunning view south to Thirle Door and the Stacks of Duncansby. The first is a rocky arch, the second a group of large jagged sea stacks.


Duncansby Head, ,
Wick, Caithness, KW1 4YS


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